Menus and Ingredients

sno cone menu

We also have Pickle Juice, Red (Fruit Punch) Gatorade, and Blue (Glacier Freeze) Gatorade sno cone flavors!

Whip Flavors

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Flavors you’ll experience throughout the summer:




Brain Freezes

We can put Whip on top of any Sno Cone to make it a Brain Freeze!


We know that it can be hard to find treats you can eat!

Our sno cones and whips are all dairy free, nut free, and vegan. Our Whips contain coconut oil.

The only thing we have with dairy is our sweet cream topping, which is pretty much nothing but dairy.

Our Sno Cone syrups are sweetened with cane sugar. Our Lite flavors are sweetened with maltodextrin and sucralose, and still contain a small amount of sugar. Most of our popular flavors are available in Lite–just look for the red star on our on-location menu and make sure to ask for the Lite version. Of course, our pickle juice sno cones are completely sugar free.

Our sour spray is citric acid and water. Pucker up!

For full ingredients lists, follow the links below. Note that we add cane sugar and water to the Tropical Sno mix and water to the Whip mix.